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Our Mission


We provide comprehensive solutions for a wide range of items, including food, industrial oils, clothes, and parts, among many others, while encouraging quality and competitive pricing to maximize benefits.

Constantly pursuing a strategy of seizing commercial opportunities, making investments in recognized markets, and establishing alliances in global marketplaces.
Planning strategically for delivery within the allotted time, being meticulous in the partner selection to provide particular markets, and being able to assist in the set of items fulfilling the market needs.

We can provide

  • Food Products like Poultry Meat, Beef & Goat, Oils, Cereals, etc.
  • Diverse Consumables
  • Industrial Oil of reputed brands
  • Auto Parts

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Our Story

G Oliveira & C Santos Lda is a business that was established to compete in the trade of products market. They agreed to work together to help a business flourish on a global scale because their partners have a combined background in negotiating purchases and sales across a range of industries.

Our Team

Carlos Santos

Guilherme Oliveira

General Management

[email protected]

Esperança Santos de Oliveira

Headquarters Location

The headquarters of the company is located in Praceta Aníbal José, number 9, 1st right in the parish of Gambia-Pontes-Alto da guerra, 2910-290 Setúbal.

Company History


Guilherme Joaquim Antunes de Oliveira, a co-founder of the business, has management experience in the labor market. His previous positions have included general management of two after-sales car maintenance and repair companies, maintenance management for Transfuel, a fuel transport company owned by Trafigura (Switzerland), and Pumangol, a fuel distribution company owned by Puma Energy. The other company co-founder, Carlos Durval dos Santos, has experience in the labour market at the managerial level in the utilities sector in Portugal, namely in Setbal. He continues to serve as an unpaid management partner handing over the business.

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